Sunday, June 22, 2008

hello newwman

bob loblaw's law blog. we have a blog now. we're getting ready to go on tour for about 7 weeks and want to try and update this thing daily. we'll definitely put up some pictures, and maybe some video? we're gonna be practicing at jordan's place in charlottesville for the next 4 days. we hope relearn some old jams we haven't played for awhile or ever. we'll also be playing a bunch of songs from the upcoming full length album. most importantly, jordan's parents always make us the most glorious food ever.
yesterday was sobo day at the bag in harrisonburg. it was me, cj, and nate's first sobo day experience. it goes something like this:

you had to be there....or at least driven by to see a bunch of raging shirtless dudes with bandanas yelling at you.

im watching america's funniest home videos and it makes me miss bob saget. this new host is busch league. hopefully this will be more informative once things start rolling. check them tour dates at


pele- the nudes
doomriders- black thunder
delft- moose.indian