Wednesday, December 10, 2008

hey! hello? anyone? oh, really? nobody check this thing? shucks.

sometimes you play a show, and after that show you think, "wow, that felt bizarre." sometimes bizarre can be in a good way, sometimes in a bad way. this happened to us last sunday. it was in a bad way. maybe it was because we hadn't played a show together in some time, maybe it was because it was a sunday night of exam week, maybe i was just standing in a weird spot and all i could here was "noise.noise.reverb.reverb.noise, etc.", or maybe because we tried doing new things with not much practice time. one thing's for sure; it felt straaange. what do you do after that happens? i usually feel pretty positive about the shows we put on, but sometimes you get a little curveball thrown at ya. a musical wrench in the spokes of sorts. eww i hate cliches. but dont you worry; a big, tough ass Van-Damme-looking mechanic is going to come grab that slimy, cliche wrench from the spokes and break it with his teeth.
i dont know dude.
i've been up for far too long. but what i think i'm trying to say is that van-damme is the man, but dolph lundgren could take him any day.
...and that sometimes you just gotta realize all shows aren't going to run as smoothly as you hope. a positive is that i can't wait to play again, so that we can do things properly and have as much as fun as we always strive for.
first order of business is finally completing the mixing of the new album. we're soooo close. so close that it's almost a tease. we've had to put it on the backburner for the past 2 weeks though. it's the end of the semester here at 'ol james madison university, and exams, papers, etc. are all up on us like bill mckinney in deliverance. that said, starting this friday we'll being finishing it up, and hope to have it sent off for mastering by next friday. it's about an hour long. 8 songs. you can dance, ponder, sleep, headbang, eat pizza to it, plus much more. what i'm getting at is that there is a lot going on throughout the album. lots of stylistic variety and texture. however, i feel that with all the variety included on it, it is still by far the most cohesive thing we've ever done. but that's for you to decide, right? once we get the mastered tracks back, we'll put up some clips (or maybe even full songs.)

blahblahblah, thats all i can think of for now... oh yeah! i almost forgot...two of our good friends have sweet albums coming out. everyone make sure to go over to and check out "dogs" that is coming out on the spectactular Mylene Sheath. annnnd go to to check out "foreword." we've been able to hear a lot of these songs from both bands in some form or another, and one things for sure: it's allll sick. like empire strikes back sick, or paul jones now 86 proof sick. pick up both of those albums.

take 'er easy!

tortoise- millions now living will never die
pinback- blue screen life
akimbo- elephantine
cave in- jupiter
thingy- to the innocent

anthony bordain
8 1/2
thrice live at the house of blues