Tuesday, June 9, 2009

cruch time

besides fear, stress is the best motivator. coffee helps too.

less than two weeks til tour and so much on our plates:

buswork. still got plenty to do, but the filter/ pump setup is up and running and smelling like french fries.

gearfest 09. rewired cjs new (old and gnarly) 2x15 to run at 16ohms. taking the guts out of the fender studio bass and putting them into a head. going to run it through the mesa 4x10. sounds beautiful. just picked up a mesa 1516 cab and it sounds beautiful as well. just about got everything up and running. still need to build a case for all the keyboard/drum machine/ sampling stuff though. busybusybusy.

inventory. our house is full of records:

and weve got a new shipment of shirts on the way, modeled here by the illustrious tim skirven:
AND, I have to move out of here. havent even really thought about that yet. need to get a wedding present too, and something to wear to a wedding. am I forgetting anything? oh yeah, we need to practice too. that whole thing. and wade and andrew have class. fucking a.

to summarize: shits crazy right now. and I dont think its ever going to stop raining in harrisonburg. time to leave.


current listening-
the mars volta- octahedron
the avett brothers- the gleam and second gleam eps
bjork- medulla (and how bout that cover, eh?)

current reading-
cs lewis- the pilgrims regress
kerouac- big sur