Sunday, August 15, 2010

so we realize that the lyrics in the artwork of our new record are very hard to read. this was intentional. however, we feel now that we'd like for those people who are curious enough to look for them to be able to find them somewhere. plus, a decent chunk wound up online already, so I figure we might as well go ahead and put the rest of them up. we would also like for people to be able to get what we're trying to say with this record, because it has a lot to do with our feelings towards the category that our band has been placed in. thank you for being interested, if you are.

you've been plagued by repetition
you've been plagued by feigned emotion

dime and suture
I can't believe what I see
staring out from the coast of this
glittering neon sea
standing still for the first time
as the tide climbs up to kiss my feet
and my senses scream 'its freezing'
but I know better than to believe them now
they tell me 'theres no meaning there'
as if I'd never searched on solid ground
and found nothing more than
the firm adherence to an old belief
that the air that fills a red balloon
would be different
were it green

but I can see
how you'd believe it
they were both so full of emptiness
they almost seemed real
and it can be so hard to tell
until they pop

how needing of compassion are we
who eavesdrop so obsessively
listening in on sick men mumbling secrets to themselves in empty rooms
and what audacity
what childish sort of pride
to drop their heartache at their feet
and cast their candidness aside
and looking not into their eyes
but through the vast network of screens
we scream:
'these strange new words of yours
no longer suit our needs'
as if we were the ones they sought to please

(the cure is your own words
if it doesn't burn its not working)

grime and glass

sometimes there's just so much to say
you don't say a word
silence buys you a little time
but not a reason why

(overheat and evaporate
leaving like smoke from between your teeth
hanging in dark clouds above our heads
old silence haunting us still
fenced in broken fields
missing points
in every voice a song
and every song a voice)