Wednesday, November 11, 2009

So the blog was hijacked for a little bit. By which I mean I got quite drunk with the dastardly Bill Bressin one night after practice and gave him the password. It was a good joke at first, but one that has unfortunately gone too far. I hope that the goings-on of our house in Harrisonburg will still be documented on the internet, as Bressin is a talented writer, and very funny, it just needs to happen on its own webspace. This space is reserved for the occasional band updates for which Twitter does not provide enough room and occasional rants from yours truly. And now, for some more of that.

We are extremely busy right now, but a lot is up in the air and we don't want to announce anything until we're completely sure that its going to happen. Suffice to say, we are writing new music. A lot of it. And, we're writing in a live environment for the first time, which is very exciting. We've already started breaking some of these new songs in live, and theres a good chance they'll keep changing and developing from show to show. We're working to make sure that this music gets released in 2010, and we'll post updates as they become available.

We're also working hard to make sure that we're on the road more in 2010 than ever before. We'll be out for a little bit in the spring, for longer in the summer, and then hopefully again in the fall/winter. The big question right now is "where?" We'll be doing a full U.S again at some time during the year, and we've also got our eye on the other side of the Atlantic. We're also looking to play more one off shows, so keep an eye out.

So, if you might be interested in helping us book or playing a show (or shows) with us, either in the US or Europe, now is the perfect time to get in touch! Myspace works, but Gmail is better-


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