Monday, February 11, 2013

A Healthy Fear lyrics

Long Weakend

after you've worked your life away
and your father's goals are met
with a fenced-in yard and the bills paid

after all your money is Saved
and your status bar is set
you'll climb fearless up The Cascades
you swear
some day

 …and you'll tip-toe to the edge
if there's a safety net

 you crawled when you could walk
you dragged your feet as your mouth ran off
all you are is talk

 and now you're spent; defeated
as you lie low
wrapped up in
(clipped dreams)
the security you seek
(won't fly at all)

 can't fall, can't catch up with
last call. face down. passed out.


you can always
go away
you need the distance
to try to forget

it's so hard
to steal your place above
but when you break your fingers
it won't add up

you can't play dead when your limbs are shaking

didn't you say you were going for broke?

why are you so surprised 
your bones ache with every move?


you had your chance
and look what you did with it
you could but wouldn't
now can't but should
when she says
its a simple question
did you?
did you,
yes or no?
what do I look to you?
did you think I wouldn't notice?

you say no to slowly
i couldn't too quick
it's not what you said
it's how you said it

but we both know what we both know
regardless of what our cheekbones show
but we both know what we both know
we both know what we both know

we made our marks and
missed the
point of it

you could
but you won't
you could
but you never will


you're in and out of the clouds
and you stumble every day your feet hit the ground

I'm under-whelmed with your over-acting
I'm over-worked and under-paid

you scream and shout way too loud
and all the arguments you make
are not worth the sound

I'm under-whelmed with your over-acting
while I'm over-worked and under-paid

you're in and out of the clouds
and you stumble every day your feet hit the ground

I'm under-whelmed with your over-acting
I'm over-worked and under-paid

you scream and shout way too loud
and all of your complaints are wasting my time

I'm under-whelmed with your over-acting
I'm over-worked and under-paid

(you're so loud)
I tune out
(you're so loud)
I tune it all out

The Benefits of Failure

lost to flood, lost to harvest
you were never meant to last
just to think you will
for long enough, to grow into
something someone else might want
(a viable commodity that sells)

but not every lab rat gets cured
don't say (don't say)
I didn't warn you

we can see
right through

see right through what you wear
another sheep  in wolves clothes
(and theres always a next one)

you're always (shining)
one limp wrist away (wrapped in plastic)
but he wouldn't (brand new)

of course not

there's no function
to your fashion
you're all posture
with no passion

one limp wrist away from the lions


they say that's the way it is
that's what they did
and one by one they fell right in
inheriting the same mistakes
with knocks on the chin
and familiar bruises on your shins

when what's been done
is the basis for what you did

you're washed up 
with a vacancy passed down
consideration incinerated and purged

Steady Diet

I've got a heavy coat
made from the hair of the dogs that bit me
cause its awfully cold
and I'd rather not notice

strolling along
like noone can
see how I'm dressed
cause if I can't see how
they look at me
what difference does it make?

I'm not making excuses,
just explaining myself
I'm not asking for too much
just enough

I can settle for quartz
while my sister wears diamonds
I can pawn my silver linings
just as soon as I find them

I'll replace them with tin
or anything that'll glint for me
while my neighbors sun/son is shining
nobody points
noone asks questions

I'm not asking for much
just enough
to get by

cause there will
be those weeks
when there's nothing to eat
but canned beans and your words
cold rice and your pride
and in times like these
I'll thank god
for the steady


we know a side of you
that you don't show to anyone
figurines will figure out
time breaks devotion
but you've come so far

where the head you had now aches
as your legs try to stand tall
until your fortitude gives way
to kneeling as you
brace for their worst
we know you've lost your touch
with all your control;
body and soul

we know you sold the whole thing
body and soul
you know
and we know


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