Saturday, September 13, 2008

So we've posted another little moviefilmtype thing for you folks in which you can get a glimpse in to the harrowing and entirely serious universe of our recording process. What do you do when you don't have no gert'damn mallets and you want a cymbal roll and it sounds shitty when you do it with your hands because you really have no idea what you're doing? you put some socks on some sticks dummy! for your recording technology!

(sock-sticks patent pending)

All jokes aside, though, the songs really are coming along and we are enjoying being able to use more than the two microphones we've recorded everything else with and being able to record and mix without constant fear of a total system meltdown. its nice.

We still have a lot to do, retracking and adding new instruments and all, before we really settle down to mix this beast once and for all, but we're definitely on the home stretch, approaching the third trimester. I feel like we've been pregnant with this 8 (9?) headed child for so long that people have started to think that were just faking it in order to get attention and maybe a little child support and time off work. but its not true I say! we have the ultrasounds right here! hes just been in there for a bit too long and now hes clawing at the walls and hes going to come out fully grown and probably looking something like Steven Seagal with a rooster on his back.

Annnnnnnnnd thats all folks, more next week and maybe even more than that.


play/reading list:
Intronaut- Prehistoricisms
My America is Watching Tigers Die- Stone Age
Electric Wizard- Dopethrone
A Day In Black and White- My Heroes Have Always Killed Cowboys
The Good Life- Album of the Year
Weezer- Pinkerton

Beat: Down To Your Soul- Ed. Ann Charters
Notes of a Dirty Old Man- Bukowski
Split Horizons- Thomas Lux

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