Monday, September 8, 2008

Thats right, we went on an entire tour and didn't write one single blog entry about it. I guess we were just too damned busy doing things to find a portal to the internet and tell you about them, whoever you are. We might post some stories retroactively, but for the most part this blog will now focus on the recording process of our new full length, seeing as how we will be sitting at computers in a confined space anyways.

What to say about this new album. Well, its going to be the first thing we release that will actually have seen an actual recording studio and not just my laptop, which is very exciting. Andrew made a little short film to mark the beginning of this process:

We do not have a name yet, or at least one that we are one hundred percent set on, but we have had the music done for quite some time now. And by done, I mean mostly written and planned out. We played all but two of them this summer, and you can find some videos of them on the youtube as well. for those of you too lazy to go look, heres a little preview from our show with moving mountains, burbis, and overseas in beautiful washington pennsylvania shot by our main man Brandon Marcey:

And that's quite enough of that. In other news, school is back in session, which means we will not be playing out all that often for the next couple months at least. Bummer. That just means that were going to make the most of what shows we do play, and right now the only one we have scheduled is going to be nuts. Well be playing the Bangcock house again, right next to Taste of Thai on High St. in Harrisonburg, with Seattle's amazing Joy Wants Eternity and likely another band to be announced. Its going to rule, so come out. Be blinded by Wade's new lights and have a beverage or a several dozen. It'll be like that movie that just came out called "college" except real and way fucking sweeter.

I've rambled on for far too long, so I leave you some words that I've been thinking about quite a bit lately:

You are not thrown to the winds—you gather certainly and safely around yourself;
Yourself! Yourself! Yourself, forever and ever!

Think about it, or about anything. Just think.

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